Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cancer update and small rant.

Since being diagnosed at the end of January my life has been thrown upside down.  I started chemo on Valentines day and since then I've broken out in a dangerous rash twice.  My oncologist had me start taking 1/8th of a dose for a week, then off for a week, then would I would move up an 1/8th of a dose every other week.  I'm currently on my off week and on Monday I'll be back up to a full dose.  I'm anxious to be back on a full dose because that's when I saw significant shrinkage of the tumors. 

I miss crossfit so bad.  I can't even put into words how frustrating it was to have finally gotten almost a year of crossfit under my belt and then be told I have to quit while I deal with chemo and surgery and then healing.  From the way things look at this point I'll be on chemo for several months before surgery is scheduled.  Which means between chemo, surgery, and healing, I could be away from any sort of intense exercise for 1-2 more years. 

When I got weighed at the oncologist's office a couple weeks ago I had gained 4.6 pounds from when I first saw them in February.  So that's less than 5 lbs and that sounds pretty decent.....but I've gone up 2 dress sizes.  I have literally had to go up two entire pant and shirt sizes.  How is that even possible?  I can only guess that I'm losing muscle and gaining fat/water weight.  I feel so freakishly large.  I hate it!  My face is puffy, my tummy is puffy, I feel and look terrible. 

I'm sorry for turning this post into a bitch fest, but I want to be honest with how I feel and what I'm going through. 

Everyone and their mother has been hounding me with cancer cures.  I've been told to ingest baking soda , rub cannabis (marijuana) oil on the tumors, rub frankincense on the tumors, eat raw ginger, stop eating sugar, stop drinking milk, etc etc etc.....I can't even think of everything I've been bombarded with.  I can't stress enough that if there were alternative cancer treatments that worked as good as all these people are saying, then everyone and I mean EVERYONE would know about it.  It'd be on every tv/news station.  It'd be in every magazine......but it's not.  Now can some alternative methods cure some cancers sometimes?  Sure.  But there are SOOO many types of cancer caused by all sorts of things and we all react differently to treatment.  Please don't blast a friend or family member with cures you read online.  It's a confusing enough time as it is for the person....please don't make things more confusing and stressful for them.