Saturday, February 15, 2014

$300 breakfast

So yesterday was my 1st day on chemo. 
It wasn't too bad, but the nurses did say it can take a few weeks for the full brunt of the side effects to set in.  I felt a little nauseas a couple times, but that was about it.  I know as my red and white blood cells start to diminish I'll be feeling a lot worse.  In the mean time I'm going to just enjoy feeling good. 
I was able to get this 90 day supply of chemo pills for free.  Hurray!  My case worker at the oncologist was able to pull some strings.  I'm super thankful because this little bottle of 90 pills would have cost me $30,000.  Yep  30K!!!    Or almost $300 per pill.  I've never held anything worth that much in my hot little hands before.....seemed odd to have to be pills that make you feel crappy.  I had my breakfast followed by my expensive little pill and smiled.  I'm super thankful that I even have the opportunity to get this awesome medication and get the chance to kick this cancer's ass. 
We had a nice enjoyable Valentine's day.  My husband and I don't really exchange gifts, but he did surprise me with a small package of my very favorite candies in the whole wide world. 
It just doesn't get any better than these.  I ended up making a cheese fondue for dinner and then cut up various breads, veggies, and a green apple to dip.  For dessert I made a chocolate fondue and we dipped oreo crusted marshmallows, brownie and pound cake bites, strawberries, and bananas.  It was delicious!  I was able to eat about one bite of each dessert option before my tummy said NO MORE!  My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach.  Then we all settled around the tv and watched a movie together.  I thoroughly enjoyed my evening with the loves of my life.♥