Monday, June 17, 2013

Becoming a SUPERHERO......

I hope every one's Father's Day was nice.  We went on a crazy long hike.  My husband wanted to climb to the top of some lookout point at Farragut State Park.  We started off on a trail and then would switch to another trail.  We did this a few times and then things got tricky.  We found a large pile of bear poo at the base of a very steep and rocky trail.  To me that was a sign to turn around and go back, but my hubby viewed it as nothing to be worried about.  We climbed slowly and carefully over rocks and trees.  The kids were starting to complain and I could feel myself getting cranky.  I was hot, covered in sweat, and I was exhausted.  We finally made it to the top, well, almost.  The last 50 feet was nothing but large boulders that had to be climbed in order to reach the lookout point.  Umm no.  I'm not going to risk injury to myself or my children.  So hubby climbed it with our oldest, much to my horror.  I'm thankful they made it up and back down safely.  The weather was just gorgeous.  It was about 80 degrees, sunny, with just a slight breeze.  perfect!  After our long hike, we ate our packed lunch and took the kids and dog to the beach to cool down. 

I thought for sure I'd wake up tired and sore after yesterday's hike, but surprisingly I felt great.  Today we did a 400 meter run before we started our warm up.  Then we did drills back and forth across the gym floor, running with high knees, running butt kickers, inch worms, skipping with high knees, and some various lunges. 

When I first started looking into crossfit I kept running across the saying," YOUR WORKOUT IS MY WARMUP".  They weren't joking!

Our skill set was 4 rounds:

10 box step ups on right leg
10 box step ups on left leg
15 right shoulder presses
15 left shoulder presses
20 second right side plank
20 second center plank
20 second left side plank

After the skill sets, I wanted to lay on the floor and just die.  I could see my kids in the kid's corner watching me and they kept smiling and giving me thumbs up.  I love those guys.♥

Our WOD was a 12 minute AMRAP (as many rounds/reps as possible)

400 meter run or row
15 ring dips

I chose rowing.  I haven't rowed in almost 5 weeks, so I figured it was time.  I did 15 push ups, since I'm not strong enough to do the ring dips. 

I felt pretty good my first two rounds, but my 3rd round was absolutely a killer.  By the 4th round, I didn't think I could row for even 1 more second.  I got about 2/3rds of the way through my 4th round when time was up.  There were several people who just collapsed on the floor for a few minutes to catch their breath.  This CrossFit stuff is no joke!

On the car ride home, my kids asked me if I'd make up some kiddie crossfit workouts for them so they can get strong and fit like me.  Awww!!  Seriously?!  I felt so good inside!  Although I still feel like a fat failure who lets fear rule my life, my kids see me as their superhero and that touches me beyond words.  I need to hang onto that and not let self doubt get in my way.