Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thank you Mother, can I have another?

I can't believe my 1st week at CrossFit is over!!!  I made it!  I'm still alive!  What was just a dream a mere three weeks ago has turned into a full fledged reality.  I love it!  Bootcamp workout number three was great.  I didn't puke and I was able to (almost) keep up with the others.  I'm pretty sure our bootcamp workouts aren't as hard as regular WOD's (workout of the day) but I'm not sure. 

I realized today as I walked into the box that I wasn't as nervous, I was starting to feel a tiny bit at home and it wasn't such a scary place.  Megan saw me almost immediately and yelled out my name and clapped her hands.  She was happy I came back.  She hasn't seen me since my puke fest on day one.  It felt good to have someone happy to have me there. 

We started with a warm up guessed it......SQUATS.  Oh lordy lordy......I'm starting to think they'll be the death of me.  After squats we got dumbbells and did some exercises where we held them at our shoulders, elbows pointing forward, we'd do a quick, mini squat and jump up and thrust the dumbbells straight above our heads.  I can't remember the name for them.  I didn't get the lightest dumbbells, which were 5 lbs each, but I did get the 8 lb ones.  One guy got 40 lb dumbells!!  We did exactly 372.8 felt like it.  Afterwards we got out the rowing machines.  Those looked nice and easy.  I'm starting to realize quickly that there isn't ANYTHING nice and easy when it comes to CrossFit.

We got a short lesson on form and then we were told to keep our rowing at a certain speed.  They all have digital monitors on them so we could see how fast we were going.  Derek yelled at us to go faster.  We held that new speed for a couple minutes and then he told us to go even faster!  My upper arms and shoulders felt like they were going to burst into flames.  Sweat was pouring down the sides of my face and my left heel kept slipping out of my shoe with each thrust.  It's amazing how itchy dripping sweat can be when you can't take the time to wipe it away.  After killing ourselves on the rowing machines we were able to take a quick water break. 

As the group finished our 1 minute break we were told to get into teams of two.  A nice girl ( I wish I knew her name) offered to be in my group.  We had to row 250 meters, then jump off the machine and do 12 dumbbell thrusts before the other person could start rowing.  We each did 3 sets of both exercises and we raced all the other teams.  Derek pulled me aside and told me to do 200 meters on the rowing machine.  He didn't say, if I wanted to, he told me that's what he wanted me to do, so I followed his instruction.  I'm glad I did.  That workout pushed me literally to my very limit.  I think that if I had to row that extra 50 meters all three rounds I wouldn't have been able to finish.  Our team came in last, but only by about 5 seconds.  Everyone cheered everyone else on and when we all finished we  gave each other high fives. 

I felt so powerful tonight.  I was living my dream.  I was following through with something.  I was DOING IT!!!  Afterwards I met up with my sister.  She lives several hours away and I only see her a few times a year.  We met up and we went to a Mexican restaurant so I could eat since I was famished.  I ordered a taco salad with no shell, no cheese, and no sour cream.  I asked for guacamole and salsa instead and got shredded beef for my protein.  It was so delicious.  I washed it down with an ice water and felt like a million bucks.  I didn't eat any chips and salsa and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to say no.  I got a workout in, and went out to eat without cheating, what a great day!    I'm looking forward to having 3 days off to rest and just enjoy my family during the Easter holiday.  I'll blog again after next Monday's workout.  =)

What I ate today:
breakfast~2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, 1 cup fresh pineapple
snack~1 square of dark chocolate and 1 TBS almond butter
lunch~paleo banana pancakes
dinner~taco salad