Thursday, October 31, 2013

full blown bronchitis

Well no wonder I was feeling so icky.  My nasty cold turned into nasty bronchitis.  I love how when you get it the Dr. will tell you to "get lots of rest".  I'm averaging 3-4 hours of sleep per night due to all the coughing.  That's awful! 

I fly to Boise this afternoon to visit my sister.  We're changing all our plans to basically staying in and just watching movies together since I'm not feeling well.  It'll still be fun just to have a break from the kids and spend some quality time w/ my sis.

Last night after trying to fall asleep for several hours, I got up and drew a hot bath.  I poured in a few drops of tea tree oil into the bath and soaked for almost an hour.  I can't believe what a difference that has made.  Instead of tight cough it's now loose and it feels like the mucus in the bronchial tubes is breaking free.  Hurray for little improvements!

Yesterday, Meagan my crossfit trainer, took family photos of us.  We've never had nice photos taken.....EVER!  My husband has been wanting them done for years and every year I tell him the same thing..........when I lose some more weight,  when I go down a few more sizes...etc. etc.  I still have a LONG way to go, but I did it.  It was incredibly hard for me to let someone take full body shots of me.  I don't mind how I look from the shoulders's everything below that makes me uncomfortable.  I'm nervous about getting the pictures back.  It's like you know in your head you are really large but nothing puts it quite in perspective like seeing your entire body in a photo does. 

While Meagan was taking our pictures I asked her about working out at crossfit while getting over bronchitis and she said that after I get home from Boise I can go back to class but they'll just have me do exercises that won't strain my body/lungs very much.  I'm thankful because I didn't want to be forced to still on my tush for another 1-3 weeks while I get over this thing. 

Happy Halloween!