Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I talked to him like a royal B!

I went to bed super early last night.  7pm to be exact.  I hoped that a ton of sleep would leave me feeling relaxed and refreshed.  Instead I woke up feeling exhausted.  My eyelids were not wanting to cooperate. 

I made it to crossfit this morning.  Huge accomplishment considering how I'm feeling physically and mentally.  Everything we did felt impossibly difficult.  I can tell such a big difference in my endurance and strength when I take a few days off. 

Our warm up was 5 Turkish get ups on each side and then using a slightly heavier bell we did another 3 on each side. 

Our skill set was all about pull ups and negative pull ups.  Jonathan helped me get a super thick band and work on my negative pull ups.  I felt like I was humiliating myself.  I felt weak and it pissed me off!  He told me he could tell how much better I'm getting and I just looked him straight in the eyes and in a sarcastic bitchy way said, "really?!" .  This caused him to stammer a bit and collect himself.  He said that he hadn't seen me in the last 6 weeks because he's been mostly doing evening classes but that he could see a difference in how I look since he last saw me.  At that point he pretty  much excused himself to go help some other people. 

I feel really bad for being a jerk.  I guess I just felt like he was blowing smoke up my rear.  I still feel weak and fat and stupid and lame and and and.......
Maybe he really can tell a difference and I'm just cranky and being a negative nancy. 

Anyhoo our WOD was to get in groups of 4.  Two of us had to drag the sled down and back up the alley and then do 20 meter bear crawl and 10 native jump squats.  We repeated everything twice. 

I'm dead to the world after today's class.  I hope I feel a lot more energy and strength come Friday and maybe I'll get the chance to apologize to Jonathan for being a snarky jerk.