Tuesday, October 29, 2013

zero appetite

So two weeks ago was amazing.  I felt strong, and I saw incredible gains in my fitness.  Last week on  Tuesday I helped some friends of ours split and stack tons of firewood.  These chunks of wood I had to carry over to the log splitter were all approx.  100 lbs each.  There is no way I'd have been able to help with that task before crossfit, no flippin way.  I felt great, worked for several hours and came home to veg for the rest of the day.  Soon after I got home my throat started to hurt and by bedtime it hurt so bad I could barely even swallow water.  I got ZERO sleep that night.  I was in so much pain it was ridiculous!  The next day I got all the other symptoms that come with a nasty cold.  I've been sick over a week and I'm still really sick.  Everything has settled into my chest causing me to cough CONSTANTLY!  I even pulled a muscle in my neck a couple nights ago due to the coughing fits. To say I'm frustrated is an understatement.  I leave for Boise in two days.  Unless a miracle happens I'm not going to be able to run my 5K that I've been training for.  I'm really really at my wits end.  I'm exhausted and have no appetite.  It's almost like I'm too tired to even go to the kitchen to find something to eat.  So basic house cleaning has gone to the wayside as well.  My husband has been out of town all of last week and part of this week.  Somehow I'm supposed to pull the house together, get food prepared for hubby and the kids to eat while I'm gone, balance the finances, and get costumes finished for the kids.   AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think beating my head against a brick wall sounds much more appealing.