Friday, September 20, 2013

Palleo Challenge Day 2 of 42

Yesterday was stressful.  Actually beyond stressful.  I felt like I was at my very limit and if one more thing went wrong or got piled on my "to do" list I was going to throw myself off a bridge.  I actually broke down into tears by bedtime.  I won't get into all of it, you'd be bored to tears and probably want to throw yourself off a bridge as well.  The point of saying all that was DESPITE all the stress, I didn't cheat.  I kept to my paleo eating and even got in a 3.5 mile hike. 

Today has also been quite successful.  My husband got a bonus and we were able to pay off some medical bills and a few other small debts.  That felt good!  He also wanted to go celebrate by going out to dinner.  We ended up going to the Texas Roadhouse.  I was a good girl.  I stayed away from the homemade rolls with cinnamon butter, the roasted peanuts, and the cheesy bacon fries they ordered for an appetizer.  I had an ice water, filet mignon, and steamed vegetables.  I left feeling more than satisfied.  My dinner was delicious and I didn't feel deprived at all.  Two days down with forty more to go. 

My goal is to get through this 6 week challenge with zero cheats, none, zilch, nada.  My mother's birthday is coming up as well as my own.  This will be the 1st time in my life that I won't have cake on our birthdays.  It's a good thing.  I need to learn that I can handle a special occasion without HAVING to have treats. 

Things I love about Paleo......I'm never hungry.  The food is so incredibly satisfying.  It fills me up but never leaves me feeling sick or bloated.  I also love how many different fruits and veggies I eat on a daily basis.  It's fantastic! 

Things I dislike..........I miss cheese.  I also really like beans and legumes and those aren't allowed.   This time of year, as things cool down, I love a hearty soup with beans and veggies and meat.  mmmm so good. 

I'd love to be down another pant size by the time I go to Boise.  Every extra pound I can melt away is going to make running the 5K just that much easier.  I'm also flying Southwest Airlines and they have just 17in seats!  I flew to Boise in June of 2012 and I couldn't buckle my seatbelt.  I lost a little bit of weight before I went again in November and was able to just barely buckle the belt.  Since then I've lost over 30 inches and 2 pant sizes, so I KNOW I'll be able to buckle myself in with ease, but I still don't want to be oozing out of my seat onto the person next to me.  It's not only embarrassing, but I feel bad for the other passenger.  It's not their fault I'm big.  They shouldn't have to suffer for it. 

Tomorrow we're taking the kids to a giant corn maze.  Can't wait!