Wednesday, September 18, 2013

6 week Paleo challenge starts TOMORROW

After getting pissed and cranky about the Paleo Challenge rules at my crossfit I have decided to just do my own thing.  I'll be starting my 6 week challenge tomorrow.  I leave for Boise on Halloween and that will be the day after the challenge is over.  Perfect timing!  So I won't get to win any money or prizes or even be part of the group who is recognized as being part of this diet eating lifestyle.  So what.  The truth is everything I'm doing is for me.  I should be glad to do it just for my own health and well being.  That should be my true reward.  Still trying to convince myself that money isn't everything.  *sigh*

I felt pretty good this morning despite the chaos of trying to get all three kids out of bed, dressed, fed, lunches made, hair brushed, and out the door before their buses arrived.  Sometimes I feel like I should have the The Flight Of The Bumble Bee playing in the background. 

Crossfit was a challenge today.  Our WOD was in honor of a gentleman who was killed in action while serving our country.  I believe he served with Derek.  I think it's neat that crossfit as a whole honor men and women that have been killed while serving our country. 

Our WOD was 5 rounds:

12 deadlifts

9 hang power cleans

6 push jerks 

All of the lighter bar bells were taken so I went with a bar that I thought might be too heavy and used just 5 pound weights on either side just to keep the bar off the floor......55 pounds in all. 

Surprisingly I was able to complete the WOD using 55lbs instead of what I wanted to use which was around 45lbs. 

I'm exhausted and my arms and hamstrings feel like rubber. 

I need to go to Walmart today and get myself a notebook.  I want to start keeping a very detailed log of my workouts and the weights I'm using so I can refer to it as I continue on this crossfit journey as well as keep a detailed record of what I'm eating every day.  I will take my measurements tomorrow morning and again on Halloween (6 weeks later). 

I think since today is my last day of eating nonPaleo foods, I'm going to get a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte and maybe even have pizza for dinner. Naughty naughty!