Monday, May 6, 2013

A hiking we will go......

First off I just have to say how much I'm enjoying our beautiful weather.  Mid/high 70's, clear skies, just perfect!  Today might get up to around 80 degrees, love it!  This weekend my husband and I spend both days outside prepping our backyard for a patio.  We tore down the back deck last year since it was rotting.  Under the deck was tons and tons of rocks about the size of radishes.  We'd rake the rocks in piles then shovel the piles into the wheel barrow and dump them on a different part of the property.  We also went to Home Depot and got 2500 lbs of cement walking stones/bricks and 1000 lbs of sand.  At first we were going to make several trips to Home Depot so we could get all our stones but we realized what a huge endeavor that was going to be.  These stones are 1 square foot and weigh 25 lbs each.  We had to hand stack them from the pallets in the store to flat carts, from the flat carts to the trailer, from the trailer to the backyard.  Even after all we got this weekend, we still needed 215 more stones. 

Yesterday as I was shoveling rock into the wheel barrow my husband told me he was shocked at my endurance level.  He said that he can tell that I'm stronger and have more stamina than he's ever seen.  That made me feel great!

I was hoping to see the new and improved Crossfit building today but they're still not quite finished.  On facebook last night they said that we were to meet at the building, then we'd all run to the city park together which is about 11-12 blocks away and do our WOD and then run back.  Ummmmmmmm by the time I'd be able to huff it to the park they'd be done with the workout.  Not to mention......I'm still waaay too self conscious to be running around downtown on a day like today in my workout clothes.  I really need to start working on my running.  Ugh!  I hate that I feel like I can't participate because it's so hard for me. 

So because there was no way in hell I was going to shake my double ass all the way to the city park, I decided to take the dog on a 3.3 mile hike.  It's the same place we went as a family a couple weeks ago.  It's fairly steep and is an incredible least it is for a person who has a lot of extra weight they're carrying.  It felt so good to be outside in the sun, listening to the birds and just smelling all the wonderful smells of spring.  

What I'm eating today:

Breakfast~turkey sausage and eggs

Lunch~chocolate protein shake

Snack~apple w/ almond butter

Dinner~chicken fajita stir fry....basically fajita filling w/o the tortillas.  =)