Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fran Pictures

So I told you they pulled out the blasted camera and took pictures.  I decided that instead of freaking out about how fat I looked in the pictures, I'm going to relish them because someday when I've reached my destination I can look through all the pictures and see just how far I've really come.  I'm the big one, with the black pants and green shirt......the one with the double ass.  ;)

So this first picture is us listening to Derek while he showed us the proper form to do the thrusters.
Here I was resting between hollow rocks and barbell push presses.

Me and my thick thighs waiting to do the push presses.
Here I am doing thrusters for Fran.
I use the rings to do my modified pull-ups.
Wanting to die, my arms hurt so bad!
I tucked my shirt into my pants because when my arms go above my head my shirt comes up and exposes my nasty Pillsbury belly.  Ew!
I feel so exposed having these pics out there floating around cyber space.  On the other hand it's also great motivation for me to keep going, because I hate the way I look and this makes me want to stay on the path to health and fitness.