Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Death by kettlebells

Today's WOD kicked my rear oh so bad.  We did a 9 minute warmup.  The goal was to use kettlebells constantly for 9 solid minutes...no stops or breaks.  I was wishing I'd grabbed a lighter bell within 60 seconds of the warmup.  My upper arms were on fire! 

Note: The gal is this picture is not me. 

For a skill set we did dead lifts.  Although I was able to deadlift 150 lbs last week, Derek had me keep the weight at 115lbs so I could concentrate on form.  I was hoping to see if I could of add more weight than last week, but alas I suppose form is far more important at this point.  Wrong form equals injuries and I definitely want to steer clear of those. 

Our WOD was 12 minutes AMRAP (as many rounds/reps as possible)

15 American kettlebell swings

12 hand release pushups

9 box jumps

It doesn't look hard.  It doesn't sound hard.  The first two rounds weren't hard.  Once I started my third round I wanted to die.  Dying would be less painful that what I was doing.  haha   I was able to just finish 6 rounds when the 12 minutes were up.  We had to write our scores on the board.  I didn't come in dead last, but I believe I was 2nd to last AND I did box step ups instead of jumps.  It's so hard to jump very high when you have lots of extra weight literally weighing you down.  Oh well.  Someday I'll get there, right?!

I've been slacking a bit with Paleo eating.  I haven't been totally off the wagon, but I definitely need to clean up my eating and get back on 100%.  I feel so much better when I do and my energy is through the roof. 

My inlaws are coming to visit in about 7 weeks.  I get so much anxiety when they visit.  I love my father in law dearly, but my mother in law is a monster.  She's so incredibly mean and rude.  She's loud, obnoxious and likes to cut me down.  She makes comments on my weight every year they visit.  She asked me a couple years ago if her son even loved me anymore because I'd gotten so fat.  Who does that?  I'm a quiet person by nature and hate to "rock the boat".  I've never really stood up for myself where she's concerned.  That crap isn't going to fly this year.  I feel strong mentally and I'm stronger physically.  I know I'm doing something good for my health and if she says anything, I'm going to put her in her place.  That being said.....I'm still feeling super anxious.