Wednesday, May 29, 2013

50 burpees......second time around

Our Memorial Day weekend was busy.  Hubby and I spent all three days outside setting our patio.  The weather was finally cooperating.  The bricks we used were 25 lbs each and the sand bags were 50 lbs each.  We set about 1/3 of the patio before my husband decided he didn't like how it was turning out.  We then tore apart everything we had set and started over.  I calculated that I hauled a little over 10,000 pounds of bricks and sand during those 3 days.  I would get in a squat stance when picking up the bricks and sand.  I hurt my back about 13 years ago and I have to be really careful when I carry anything heavy.  All I know is I got killer workouts in on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  I took a break on Tuesday.  My body needed to recover.  I was so sore and I could tell that my energy levels were totally depleted. 

Today is Wednesday....a normal CrossFit day.  Instead of going to class I did 50 burpees at home.  I have to attend a performance at my son's elementary school and it's super important to him that I be there.  I timed my 50 burpees just like I did last time.  I finished 50 burpees in 11 minutes and 51 seconds last time.  Today I was able to get through them in 9 minutes and 31 seconds.  That's almost 2 and a half minutes faster!!  I was beyond shocked to see how much time I was able to shave off.  Now last time I did 50 burpees I also did a small kettlebell workout and my coaches were not happy with me.  They lectured me that "less is more".  So, I'm going to heed their advice and not stress about doing more.  I might take a nice leisure walk with my hubby after dinner though. 

My crossfit is closed the rest of this week.  They're packing up and heading to the CrossFit Regionals to support the other crossfitters. 

I will do another at home workout on Friday and will resume my classes at the box next week. 

My goal for the rest of this week is to stay on top of my hunger so I can continue to make smart and healthy choices.  I will weigh in and measure on June 1st and will report my findings.