Friday, August 2, 2013

Ohhh it BURNS!

Today was a butt kicker.  I think I sweat more today than I ever have in my life.  I'm exhausted, but need to get the kids some lunch and then I will be heading off to donate plasma.  I need more money, YO!

Our wam up was line drills.  Long jumps, lunges, inch worms, blah blah, blah back and forth across the gym. 

Our skill set was various kettle bell moves and then practicing pistol squats.
I am no where near light enough or strong enough to do this move.  I had to use the olympic rings to hold onto while practicing these hellish squats.  These freaking BURN!
Our WOD was  a 10 minute AMRAP. 
5 pistol squats on each leg or for those who are not strong enough ( umm ME!) we did 20 lunges
7 kettle bell snatches with each arm
10 ab rollers
I love the kettle bell snatches.  They make me feel strong and powerful.  I hate lunges, they make me feel like I want to karate chop the trainers in the neck.  The ab roller is SO much harder than it looks.  We did them on Tuesday and my abs are still sore.
After our WOD we some other various moves and if we didn't do them properly we'd have to do burpees.  Ummmmm we all owed burpees because we were so tired from the WOD.  blah
I'm SO thankful it's Friday.  I will run tomorrow and just rest and relax with my family on Sunday.